Twisted Life


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It's a story of a common girl Ridima who has dreams of building a successful career and become a independent women. 

How her life Twists when she marieed to a stranger ? 

Karthik Chouhan the best entrepreneur of India is a handsome and a bit rude

What will happen if Ridima married to karthik ?

will karthik and ridima fall in love with each other ?

 Will karthik help her to achive her dreams ?

Come lets join in the journey of karthik and Ridima to know their wonder journey of love:)

Guys thiz is my first book encourage me .


Tags: BillionairePossessiveForcedArranged MarriageDramaBxG
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Hai readers...

Here is your bonus chapter...

Enjoy reading...

After 4 yrs.

Ridima pov

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