The Return Of The Devil


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A wicked, merciless man met a courageous, unremitting woman.

A tragedy or a game?

Four years ago, she indicted him for fatal criminal activities and didn’t give up till he was sentenced to death. Four years later, he came back for revenge like a devil.
He had plotted it for years. He thought she could never run away from it. But...

To put it in a simple way, the first part of this novel tells how the male protagonist tortures the female protagonist while the latter part tells how the female protagonist fights back sparing no efforts.

As the saying goes that “What goes around comes around.”


Tags: RevengeBEForcedSadisticPowerfulTragedyTwistedBxG
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Chapter 99 -- Make a Proposal

She tried every means to stop his marriage with Tina Swift. She did so, not because she loved him, but because Tina was her friend. Vincent withdrew his smile because he had a mixed feeling. He loved her and he also hated her.

He was transparent in front of her. Noticing that he became pleased, she moved close to him, ……

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