Love Across Time And Space


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Loyal dogs!  Muscles! Men!  Sweat of wild men!  A primitive matriarchal society in which women are respected.  
She beat a monster with a stun gun and was then jostled by aborigines to a village who was cheering.
Well, though not knowing what was happening, she can live on in this village a hero.  But after waking up. She found right beside her a bronze-coloured muscular man.
“Hey, why are you sleeping in my bed?”


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Four moths later…

As the air twisted, a woman pushing along a stroller with a big bag and luggage behind appeared.

“Shit…” she cursed. “Arrived at a place in the middle of nowhere, with nobody who can help me.”

In the wilderness there were no thieves. So, she put down the backpack and luggage and was about to push her stroll……

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