The Bloodsucker Next Door

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Jessica Owens was only seven years old when she'd first met the silver eyed boy in the woods. It has been years since their first meeting but what happens when she moves to a new town and sees him again? This time to find that he is her next door neighbor?

Let's just say that Jessica isn't ready for the out of the ordinary town, its people, discoveries nor the true love that is sure to come. She is especially not ready for the secrets that she will unravel about her own self.



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Epilogue: Character Statements

A description of the main characters and what they meant to me as I wrote this story.

Alexandria Choilez, 16


The moment I met Jessica, I was not expecting for it to change my life as much as it did. In the beginning, I was so young and naive and I had just been recovering from the incident. I didn't want ……

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