Time Can Only Tell

Tee Graham

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Arianna Taylor, you would she has it easy. Coming from the family of the well-respected Taylor's. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. To the naked eye, she seems like she lives the American dream. Wealthy family, nice things, perfect grades etc. Yet you wouldn't dare to think that same suburban girl has issues of her own. College is her escape or so she thinks. New city, new faces, new world. Will college be what she hoped for or will she be sidetracked by a feeling she never expected to feel?

Tristan Hill, star running back, stunning smile and charming personality to match. He practically rules KU's campus. All the girls want him and guys want to be him. Problem: Tristan isn't all what he portrays. One night changed Tristan's life forever, a night that still haunts him to this day. A night he will never forgive his self for. Will Tristan's past continue to haunt him or will he allow someone's compassion change him into a better man?

Time Can Only Tell......


Tags: ChicklitRomanceTeenfictionUrbanJealousy
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One Year and Six Months Later

“Tristan, STOP” Arianna giggled out as Tristan yet again was trying his best to undress her his self sliding his hands beneath from dress.

“I’m just saying babe, you looking kind of right in this dress.” He pointed out embracing her in his arms as they both were in the bathroom mirr……

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