Trapping the Gazelle

Lisa Kopp

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Living the perfect stable life in Saint Ives, Doctor Reid can breathe easy as the dark covert world fades into the past. Kiera's family practice helps the kids in Saint Ives, she hunted the fox, and now her life has come full circle with a future wedding. Suddenly, her past and present collide once again with the appearance of an unknown assailant. The new threat has pulled Kiera and Ryan back into the dark world of espionage. A world Kiera fought to get out of and dark nightmares invade her mind. Someone is assassinating current and disavowed members of the anti-terrorist group called the Surge. Kiera must help them discover who the assassin is before Ryan becomes the next target. Kiera senses that there is more. Could someone from her past be leading Kiera into a trap? The Gazelle must either run or fight for her life if she wishes to see her future.


Tags: EspionageMysteryRomanceSuspense
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Chapter 19

The door to Kiera's office opened and Ryan peeked in. Kiera noticed that he had something big to tell her, but could not say it in front of Melissa.

'Does it have something to do with Doctor Hakim?' Kiera thought giving Ryan a perplexed look as she ran her fingers through her hair trying to smooth it out.

She then noticed how he sc……

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