Why You Are In My Body

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She was a straight-A student in an exclusive private high school, who studied extremely hard for her scholarship.
He was a bully in his high school, who failed every single test.

She was restrained and cool-headed, feeling out of place in the exclusive school.
He killed time drinking in bars, drag racing and brawling.

With a fragile state of health, she couldn’t even manage to run a few minutes.
With an iron strength, he was able to smash a dozen bricks in a mere punch.

She was a straight-A student as well as a victim of bullying. He was a cynical bully born in a rich family. Because of an accident, their spirits switched.
Then, they realized they had been living each other’s dream life.

What would happen when the bully appeared in the form of a girl and was caught up in campus violence?
And what would happen when the good girl trapped in the body of a bully was invited by a group of hooligans to hang out together? 


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Chapter 25-Good boys

After returning to the classroom, Selena opened a textbook and immersed herself in it.

A few minutes later, several boys came near, pushing and shoving each other around. Selena looked up and saw many moving faces. “Andrew, we’re sorry we’ve brought troubles to you and thank you for what you’ve done for us.”

They knew very well that ……

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