Chasing Royalty

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After 21 years of living inside palace walls and being surrounded by swarms of bodyguard, Princess Carolina Ysabelle-Aurora Radieux Winzenried or as everyone knows as simply Princess Laura Winzenried of Switzerland, finally decided to break free from everything that came along with being a princess. Assuming an identity of an American citizen, Laura escaped the palace without anyone noticing, thanks to her wild and clever little brothers.

Everything was perfect, she became Vanessa Carter, got to New York safely, and even landed herself a job (thanks to her friend), without a hitch. That was until she realized she had to work for Nathaniel Westwood.

Notorious for his arrogance, playboy personality, and ruthlessness to his rivalries, the cunning Nathaniel Westwood is the owner and founder of the Westwood Land Development Corporation. He is living the life of a bachelor, until he crossed paths with the green-eyed brunette, Vanessa Carter.

He is what everyone thinks he is. He likes that description very well as it emanates fear from the people around. He has the power. And he is the boss. He doesn’t like anyone to think otherwise.

At the tender age of 18, he managed to build a company that would make his father proud and rise from his grave to pat his back.

Now, he’s 24, and his company done nothing but grow. He is the youngest and one of the most respected man in the business world.

That is, until she met the stunning Vanessa Carter came into his life.


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Chapter 48


We’ve been in New Orleans for three days. When she arrived in my office, I was beyond surprise. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Angel Face

The person I have always wanted to see but can’t was standing in front of me, calling me with that silly nickname she gave me back when we were just kids.

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