Different Shades Of HIM

Saumya Tripathi

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He looked at her attentively.

Sitting quietly on the top step of stairs of an isolated temple, clutching something or rather someone indulgently with her small hands, perhaps a kid.

He mused thoroughly.

He, however, then exhaled sharply when he got to see her face. An unparalleled innocence written all over her face had him enticing him towards her.

"Imraan, follow her!" he ordered nodding at her direction without gazing away from her.

"Certainly sir!" Said Imraan, grinning.


Her breath altered and, her big baby brown eyes watered at the consequences of the dreaded incident.

Cupping, her small visage in his big palms, he shushed her.

"He's alright, little one. I wouldn't have let anything happened to Shaurya, now had I?" He spoke softly as talking to a scared little chid which she was for him.

She didn't say anything. She couldnt, the incident displayed in her mind like a broken recorder.

He stepped forward again, trying to ease away her pain, bending down, he touched her chin with his long callous fingers, tugging upwards. Her breath came out shallow and long at his close proximity.

His touch burned her.

"P-please stay back," she beseeched.

"That, cannot be done my bambolina!" His voice was a mere whisper.


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