The Heartless Mobster

Muskaan Romance

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Arshiya Sharma has only one dream, to become an actuary and work in top notch companies so that she can make her parents proud. She is beautiful and innocence trails her footsteps. So, how did she gets involved with this heartless man?

Vihaan Malhotra is the King of Mumbai, respected and feared due to his reputation. He has everything he wants, money, power and women at his feet. So, why does he want this girl as his Queen?

This is an Indian Mafia Love Story, the first book of The Mob Series, love will sustain, mysteries will prevail and secrets will unveil........


Tags: BillionaireCrimeArranged-marriageBad-boyPossessive
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Chapter 2

"Vihaan." Nakul's voice snapped him into reality and before their eyes could meet, he turned to face his cousin, giving her his back.

This ended her concentration and her right foot twisted up, causing her balance to drop and she fell down on the ground with a painful hiss.

"Ow...ow...." Everyone stopped short a……

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