The Appointed Secretary

LovelySeptember ChickLit

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The task seems easy that's what Angela thought not until she met the cocky, arrogant yet strikingly handsome Adam Green, her boss.

Will she last if her boss is not treating him properly? Heck, she is the sixth secretary in just a month! What if Angela has the card the reason behind his bad attitude and wrong treatment to women? Will it change Adam or will he remain in the dark after knowing it?

Stay tuned!


Tags: BillionaireChicklitHumorNew AdultRomance
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Chapter 24

She used to run away and never had the chance to feel, what's being left behind. She jolted from her sleep when her alarm started to cry on her bedside table. She grabbed it and turn it off.

And she remembered Adam. She ran towards her living room but it was empty, no single sign of him. His shoes and tie were also missing and that's the……

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