Human Shape

Kid Abesh Horror

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She raised a Human eel in her backyard.
He was not beautiful but she felt so glad.
He said, “How lucky am I to have you accompany me.You redeem me from my meaningless life.”
*Author's Note: this story has 18+ content! You can say this is a love story, you can say this is a horror. Anyway, this is a strange and horrible love story,a story deeper than Shape of Water, and may be the darkest one you read this year.


Tags: RomanceThrillerCultDarkSickness
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CHAPTER 13 Parents 1

Before long, the car blips opened. Eamon felt the car sag with a light shake and then there came the rustling of the plastic bags and a shallow breath.

It was Lynn.

Eamon threw back the canvas and got out of the water. He quickly rubbed off the water with the dry canvas, propped on his arms to slip into the place between t……

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