8 Trials Deep


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"I didn't know you had it in you to kill in cold blood,” Leta said as she stepped beside him.
RF-13 gave her a brief glance before answering, "I would cut down anybody who tries to lay their hands on my family without a second thought. Funny how the ones we love bring out the monster in us.”- an excerpt

RF-13 quits the Armed Forces Academy upon hearing that his step-father plans to trade his younger sister into the Bonds System, a legalized slavery catering to the rich and the powerful. To save the ones he loved, RF-13 reluctantly consents to join the 8 Trials, an elite tournament vying for the hand of Princess Ariadne. As RF-13 wades through deep waters, schemes and secrets tangle and untangle to find himself 8 Trials Deep.


Tags: ActionMysteryRomanceSci-FiThriller
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“Care to tell me what you’re doing?” C-13 asked Leta without looking at her. He was scanning his MA for possible upgrades he could add on it without it being confiscated during the Trials. He had watched Leta go around his room for half an hour. When she showed no signs of settling down, he pretended to busy himself with tinkering his MA.

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