You Are My Disaster

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Dear readers, don't miss this FEIRCE LOVE STORY.

Dr. Delia had all the things a successful woman could want. At just 26 years old, it seemed that there is nothing more to chase after. However, when Ash showed up, her life totally changed. Lust and betrayal, desire and love; she falls into a dilemma. Choose between the charming Ash, or her long-time boyfriend, Johnson. Does Ash really love her, or does he have a secret intention?Does Delia really love him, or is it plain desire?Delia cant control herself, letting destiny drive her down unknown paths...


Tags: One-night StandTeacherStudentDrama
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Chapter 74: Magic

That weekend Delia’s half-sister, Maggie and Delia take Holly to the playground.

This younger woman plays harder than the child, which Delia feels disapproving of, “Behave yourself please. How old are you already?”

Maggie will get married in a month, and now she is clearly having the premarital syndrome. The biggest symptom is t……

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