You Are My Disaster

Boom Box Romance

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A FEIRCE LOVE STORY! Updated 4-5 times a week!

Dr. Delia had all the things a successful woman could want. At just 26 years old, it seemed that there is nothing more to chase after. However, when Ash showed up, her life totally changed. Lust and betrayal, desire and love; she falls into a dilemma. Choose between the charming Ash, or her long-time boyfriend, Johnson. Does Ash really love her, or does he have a secret intention?Does Delia really love him, or is it plain desire?Delia cant control herself, letting destiny drive her down unknown paths...


Tags: RomanceDrugLove-triangle
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Chapter 4 You're lying 2

The taxi stopped in front of her place but neither of them moved.

The driver looked at them in the mirror but also remained silent.

Delia sniffled her nose and pulled her hand out of his grasp determinedly. She then asked the driver to continue on to Leander University and gave him some cash.

She got out and said to Ash by the ……

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