Blue Eyes

Mi Amor

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This couldn't be happen' this Is just a fucking dream how can be a mate with the same sexuality I am a fucky guy for God Sake. I AM Not A GAY' I am not taking this what would people thought and most importantly' What Would My Pack Thought ' that there future alpha Is a G. A. Y 

[join tha story of Adien and a future alpha of blood moon pack will they be together or will lost each other what happened to them read the story]


Tags: LGBT+RomanceWerewolfAlphaPossessive
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Chapter 17

Adien (pov)

Ok what was happening today let me remember hmmm yeah I go to my school and I was little late for my 3rd period so I was walking fast when someone grab me by my back and through me to the wall and damm that hit me hard on my back and when I look up to see who was the person and why they through me like that and I see……

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