Blue Eyes

Mi Amor

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This couldn't be happen' this Is just a fucking dream how can be a mate with the same sexuality I am a fucky guy for God Sake. I AM Not A GAY' I am not taking this what would people thought and most importantly' What Would My Pack Thought ' that there future alpha Is a G. A. Y 

[join tha story of Adien and a future alpha of blood moon pack will they be together or will lost each other what happened to them read the story]


Tags: LGBT+RomanceWerewolfAlphaPossessive
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Chapter 20

Hunter (pov)

'I got so scared hunter I thought I would never going to see you I thought I lost you please never leave me please hunter I will die please ' that was the exact words that repeating in my mind how much my rose was scared and the way he was sobbing just seeing him in this stage want me to go kill all the Rogers we ar……

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