Missing Roommates

Sonika Crystal

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A girl arrives to her apartment one day to find that her roommates are missing, all that gives her a clue of their whereabouts is a small note that does not say much. Soon after she meets many different people who claim they can help her. She is a bit hesitant but she soon decides they are her only chance to get her roommates back. They keep telling her about her past, she can't help but wonder who the woman they keep referring too is like.


Tags: AdventureDemonFantasySuspenseStalker
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Author note

Woo another author note! Now I can't help but wonder if people actually read these or just ignore them haha. Anywayss I was wondering if you guys would mind if there is romance in this? I mean there is flirting and there were people who dated buttt, do you guys want romance? I am good either way because I can make the plot with no romance or wit……

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