Arthas 117

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Deep within the Canadian land of the East. A century-old foundation lies among the sea of firs that dances among the Nordic wind. As all had forgotten about this cursed place. When before, youth was filling its corridors. Love bloomed with the birth of a lot of adulthood. Dark beings from the distant stars came. The trees howled of their souls alongside the wind. Death came to this place and none light came within these walls.

No one dare come close to this place. As none who lived their youth dare to come back. As the ancient lives of many had ended with an unknown death. Which it gave an eternity to all that once lived in this sanctuary of learning and knowledge.

With many experiences that you shall live among the pages of what you hold. This black world overflow of elements that compose its being. As the journey of a teenager thought this hell within. Seeking for the help of the humanity of himself and from others.
Welcome to the high school world of Saint-Akzena.


Tags: HauntedHorrorSuspenseThrillerForbidden
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Epilogue: The Young Saint

By the morning of a beautiful summer day. As the clear sky let the sun covered every life of its light. With the firs that danced with the wind alongside the symphony of the singing birds. Two young came out of the backdoor that had not been opened from a long time.

They walked as they followed the sides of the great walls of the school. N……

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