the believable facade


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She met his eyes for a split second but for what seemed like minutes to her,he turned and dodged a punch aimed at him. At that moment she forgot where she was, what she was supposed to do, that was until he turned and looked at her, lips pressed in a thing line and a gun aimed at her direction. She froze, she knew she could bend and use the table she was currently hiding behind as a shield and there would be a 50 % chance he would miss and 50 he wouldn't but she couldn't move. All she could do was stare into those beautiful grey eyes, the depth in them fascinated her, she knew she was a goner and quite literally in a few minutes if she didn't move a muscle. Her eyes widened as he pressed the trigger and the sound of gunshot brought her back to reality.
      It all started with a business party that went wrong. Irene's father goes missing at the same party where she meets a guy who steals her heart at first glance. It didn't matter to her that he had a gun aimed at her direction or that he was killing people right before her eyes, what mattered to her was that she was in love and was going to any extent to get him even if it meant her life was at risk. But then again will they be able to handle the truth when the secrets spill or is the facade too believable to be a lie? 
This story is originally created by me and inspired by a dream. I do not own the original photo but I edited the cover on my own. I hope you read and enjoy. And I'm open to criticism.thanks! 


Tags: ActionEspionageRomanceSuspenseThriller
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