Timothy Mayer Suspense/Thriller

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Near the wild national forests of northeastern Pennsylvania, a wolf girl is discovered hiding in a farmer’s barn. She is dangerous, beautiful and can’t speak. Named “Candy” for the way she gobbles down a chocolate bar, she is transferred to a treatment facility near Pittsburgh. No one knows who Candy is or where she comes from, but the center where she is interred begins round-the-clock psychiatric evaluation. 
Months later, Candy is able to learn human speech and live in a monitored cottage on the center's ground. But she's still very much a wild creature, even if all-woman. 
And why does the federal government have such a deep interest in Candy?


Tags: ActionAdventureDetectiveEspionageMystery
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Chapter 19: The Line Up

“Candy,” Jason said to her, “which one of these men kidnapped a little girl?” Jason asked her the question minutes after the men where marched into a line up across from the m in the dark room. As in every lineup room, the suspects were unable to see them from the other side of the mirror.

“Can they see us?” she asked him. Candy looked con……

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