Fallen for the Boy

Dale Booton Romance & Erotica

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Short stories along the theme of romance; working on the various aspects attributed to romance.

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An Empty Heart – A Man climbs the stairs of his flat as he contemplates what it means to be alive when the love you had taken for granted.

The Park Bench - Sat on a park bench, two men chat about the love they lost, and how they can be found again.

Lust – A night out leads to feelings rising for someone who thought he has what he wants.

Young Hearts –

The Purity of Grace –

Ink on a Page –

Fallen for the Boy –

Waking up in Someone Else's Bed –

Waiting for Gerald –

Singing the Song of a Shallow Soul –

Written in the Wind –


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Stood only centimetres away and yet further than will allow for me to fulfil that itching desire. I can't help but snatch glances of him; slim body ravaging the space around him, hips swaying as his arms extend into the air, pumping some imaginary balloon: movements awe-inspiring in the sense of both freedom and sensuality. His face, although sh……

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