Blood of the Immortal

Ayame Shimitsu Paranormal

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*Updates every Saturday* Class 3-E is special. Filled with strange people that no one in the prestigious high school, Hakuei is willing to acknowledge. Even their teachers are a bit peculiar. The one that stands out the most out of these class of misfits is Kaito Takeda. But it's not just the school that avoids him, it's the whole town, as if they know something he doesn't. So it's no wonder that he's the troublemaker they all make him out to be. Dared to go into an abandoned mansion, Kaito goes in thinking it's just a prank by his rival, only to have a run in with the mansions owner who is not quite human.

Ryunosuke Himura is a vampire, and honestly, he is tired of humans coming into his house as a prank. It was only on a whim that he decides not to drain Kaito dry. He had more important things to do, for instance, tracking down the man who killed his family. Kaito was just supposed to be something to pass the time while he waited. He did not expect to get involved in something much more complicated. Kaito seems to be involved with both vampires and hunters without being aware of it, pulling in Ryunosuke by association. Training a snot-nosed kid was not on his to do list, but if it means surviving and getting his chance for revenge, he may not have much of a choice.


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Attacked Part 1

“I thought you were supposed to keep watch,” Kaito muttered to Himura, keeping his voice low.

Himura only scoffed, looking rather annoyed by the way his eyebrow ticked. “This place is weird. I can barely feel you nearby.” He didn’t bother trying to lower his voice, acting as if the gun pointed at them was a minor inconvenience.


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