The Unborn Killer

Adeline Vaz

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An abandoned warehouse. A woman was lying on a surgical table. Blood was dripping out of the clean cut made on her belly. The blood had formed a small puddle near the foot of the table. The only sound that echoed in the silent night was of a dull thud, when a drop of blood fell on the ground. There was a cradle lying next to the table. Lying in it was a baby, wrapped in a clean white cloth. He looked down at the baby and whispered,

"You are so beautiful. You deserve a better life. I will give you that life."

The only irony was that the baby was an unborn.
Someone is going about killing pregnant women and their unborn babies.
There is one question that everyone wants the answer to.

What have the babies done?


Tags: CrimeDetectiveMurderMysterySerial-killer
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