Everything She Is

Aakanxa Naik

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She was his childhood love. But before he could tell her that, she went away.

He was the one she hated the most, the one who tormented her to no ends. But before she could stand up to him, she was kidnapped.

Seven years later, he finds her unconscious on the side of a road, he takes her home.

He wants to help her, but the problem is that she doesn't speak anymore and he is not who he used to be.


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Chapter Sixteen : Jason and Helen


She is awake. She is awake. My mom is awake. Were the thoughts running in mind as I ran towards her room after Nolan. She was awake. Everything will be fine now. My ma was awake and breathing.

“Wait, Jay.” Nolan stopped me as I pushed the door of her room open, and pulled me aside, letting the door ……

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