Black Horizons: Unbound

Sahith S. Tiger

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More than 200 years in the future, after a pandemic and a nuclear war have ravaged the earth, the captain and crew of a transport airship find themselves in the middle of a conflict they want no part of as they try to eke out a living.

The year is 2282, and it has been more than a hundred years since a plague wiped out most of humanity and in many ways mutated the survivors. A nuclear war has created several wastelands; countries have ceased to exist and numerous dictatorships have sprung up. Due to the unstable political landscape of the globe, transportation across long distances has become notoriously difficult and as a result airships and blimps have come into fashion again. Since they cost very little to operate compared to conventional aircraft, crews use them to transport crops, goods, supplies etc. Due to this increased air traffic, high-skies piracy has also become an issue. Pirates with modified airplanes and ship roam the skies, killing and looting any they come across.

Captain Sol T'hakur and the crew of his ship, the Unbound, are runners for one of the very few peaceful communities surviving in the wasteland. But they are about to get dragged into a secret global conflict against their will...

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Tags: ActionAdventureSci-Fi
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MARCH 7TH, 2282

The Geiger counter crackled slightly in Quincy's hand, its needle jumping a bit from the far left with a sudden movement. Selvan, walking alongside with his eyes glued to the device, felt his heart give an equally abrupt jump in his chest.

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