Heart of The Trident

Melissa Javellana Science Fiction & Fantasy

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For billions of years, the undersea kingdom of the Xyraeans has been at peace under the rule of wise Queens and powerful mermaids who use their songs and magic to establish harmony throughout the ocean. Now, however, a King has taken the throne and plunged the realm into chaos, chaos that can either be made worse or resolved by only one thing - the Trident.

Nia is a Xyraean who has been cast out from the sea for some reason unknown to her. Now, she must live among humans as one, never anticipating she'd fall in love with one of them - a mysterious doctor named Cade Lennox. But even as her heart beats for a man, she cannot turn away from her duty to her people or her destiny. With Cade's help, she must unravel the secrets of the Trident and unleash its power to end the war before all is lost.


Tags: AdventureFantasyRomance
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Five ~ Nia

“Here, kitty, kitty,” I try to coax Maggie out from under the shelf in the living room for what feels like the hundredth time but to no avail.

I frown. What in Poseidon’s name am I going to do?

And why does everything have to end up in such a catastrophe when all I wanted to do was feed the cat?

I sigh. I really must be cursed.……

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