New Breed

Deven Shanner Science Fiction & Fantasy

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50 years ago metal creatures destroyed most of the human race. Now, there is peace and new technology from within one of the last human cities. But this peace does not last long. A series of murders cause the city dwellers to speculate that the threat has returned. Is this just a serial killer? Or have the creatures returned to extinguish the human race?


Tags: MurderMysterySci-Fi
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St. Anthony

“Another one within the city?” Sparrows swung the coat, from the rack and onto his shoulders in one move. “Usually its human on human violence this far in.” He fixed his collar before folding Howels’s trench coat over his arm. He ran to catch up with Howels.
Howels held the elevator. He lifted the coat from his partner’s arms. “Thanks.” ……

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