A Day with You

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"A fan will always be a fan and you can't cross the line" that's a motto of a fan.
A fan girl met different kinds of a boy every girl wanted:

-the naive and innocent
-the romantic killer moves and the false hope giver
-the prince charming/dream boy/forever

All the boys played an important role in her life but only one has to be the perfect match for her.
One of them promised that he would always be by her side to protect her, and one of them did so much effort just for her, and lastly one of them has the ability to do everything just for her. Now the question is... "Who will be the the perfect match for this unlucky girl?"


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Chapter 4

1 month haven't passed yet, it feels like time is alreary tired of running. I already miss Joshua, I wish he was already here. I'm always left out when I'm with this love birds, it makes me feel sick when I'm around them. Just like now.

"Where do you want to go?" Louise asked Arianne hugging her at the back while were walking.


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