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Mama Kush Romance & Erotica

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Avi Urich is your average twenty-five year old, just with one odd obsession. He loves to search for little copper pennies every chance he gets. When the world seems to be against him, he finds that one little gem that brings him more luck than he'd ever imagined. [[WARNING: Sexual content/Mature content/Strong Language/Abuse]]


Tags: AdventureFantasyHumorLGBT+Romance
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Five a Penny.

Warning: Foul language/ Soft smut… enjoy.


I was still in a state of shock, as I passed through the doors of the tall office building I'd spent years of my life in. "C-can they even really accept me quitting? I mean it didn't come directly from me." I was speaking out loud, asking myself if it was really true, but I got a ……

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