Book of the Thousands

Kuda Sibanda Mystery,Thriller & Crime

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For many years the supernatural and the human world was at war. It was the battle for the book of the thousands. A cult family called Yandu managed to win the book but however it was stolen and it got lost in the human world. This book was so special that who ever read it, the dead man never tells the tale. Now the book has found its way in the hands of a teenage boy called Simba, Is he going to be another victim?


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasySuspense
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Chapter Four

Back in the real world

Outside the house, Takichi and Chipo were running down the street, away from the bat eared monsters. Before they could get any further, in the middle of the road stood another bat eared monster. But this one was different. His presences produced a great aura pressure that even Tak……

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