Peter Pantomime

M.C. Eschelon

526 reads

Gwendolyn may have gotten the other inhabitants at her orphanage to rely on her, but ultimately she will have to leave, and sooner than later...

Enter a misunderstanding with a volatile boy who calls himself Peter and is desperately in need of a Wendy replacement. Gwen then finds herself in what seems like the perfect escapade - Neverland, a magical place where no one grows older, dies, or goes back home.

However, eventually, things start to go awry as something dark begins to infiltrate the island. The Lost Boys, in fact, are not as happy as they once were. The power of flight is suddenly not as easy anymore. And most of all, if only Gwen had read the storybooks, she might have known that most names have changed except for an ancient few she should beware.


Tags: AdventureFantasyHumorRomance
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"How frustrating," Gwen muttered to herself while washing the last of the dishes, "To think that not only do I have to take care of even more children than before, but I'm also being ordered around by a boy who isn't even older than me. This world just seems like a cruel retribution from heaven for wanting to die ahead of time."

"Yes, ma'a……

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