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Black Petals

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Stella Mckeenze was out and enjoying life with her small group of friends, with plans to even celebrate the up coming New Year together, but what happens when the game they play that day isn't as harmless as they first thought. When the smell of death lingers in the air, tainting everything it touches and can reach. When things turn from bad to worse in only a matter of hours.
What will the group of young adults have to do to overcome this challenge? Will they be able to survive through the night and live to see the next day, or will this be the end of their story? Can Stella overcome such a deadly innocent game and protect those she loves and cares about?


Tags: HorrorKidnappingMurderMysteryThriller
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Chapter One

The sun shined hotly down onto the small town even though it was the 27th of December. A chilly wind blew through the small town causing Stella to shiver and rub her hands together. She looked around shifting from foot to foot finding it to be much colder than it would appear.

A red cap covered her head and was pulled over h……

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