I am Darling

Bernadette San Agustin

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“I may not be every mother's dream for her little girl, my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world...” This part of a Christian Song made me shiver and left me in awe everytime I hum it's every tone. It just reminded me of the goodness that lives in everyone of us, though we may not see it at times. Just imagine if everyone has it, what a peaceful world we have in our lifetime. But, that's not the case before I entered Christianity and before I learned my lesson. I used to be a self confessed selfish, ego centered, heartless human being who never gave importance to anyone but herself. Kindness was way out of my vocabulary and “A Nightmare” best described me. Even my high school love interest Gab, was not exempted to the traits I had been doing. They told me he was an introvert. He always wanted to be alone and was out of this world. One thing I wondered, he showed me he cared but he kept running away. I thought he was scared of me. The sarcasm, the conceitedness and the bitchiness I had, he knew that and swallowed it all up. He maybe was as inexplicable as he could be but that’s what made me more interested in his whole being. He never stopped puzzling me and I never stopped ruining his life.
Be that as it may, I still had one purpose, capture all their attention, be like a superhero, not because I wanted to help, but because I wanted fame and recognition from most people.
I may have had a wonderful lovelife but my life and the lives of my loved ones were put in danger and some paid the price because of my insensitivity… and that's how my story started.


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I am Darling and I was Invincible. But another dilemma came. Mr. Davies took advantage of the oldies when we were not at the resort. I didn’t know how he got our oldies but I just thank God they were taken out from there. But my mind couldn’t stop on thinking about my dad. I was telling myself that I could kill that man for shooting my father bu……

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