The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir

Noëlle McHenry Mystery,Thriller & Crime

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A married man, 34-year-old Adam Keir lives in Chicago and works in a pawn shop with his best friend. On the side, he makes surreal videos. But recently, he's been the victim of a spell of artist's block. Neither his wife nor his friend are able to help get his creative juices flowing again, and he begins to lose hope in ever returning to his hobby.
Then, one day, he meets 19-year-old super-fan, Evangeline Thompson. Her support and apparent crush on him re-ignite his dwindling imagination, but his conflicted feelings about her growing obsession with him quickly twist it out of control. Not too soon after, he finds himself unable to tell what's real and what isn't. Just as he begins to think that things can't possibly get any worse, though, he begins to realize that Evangeline might not be wrong when she insists that her obsession with him is mutual . . .

A short slice of life dramatic suspense novel by Noëlle McHenry about an average man whose average life spirals rapidly out of control. **Updated every Friday!**


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Chapter 14

He went to the store that Friday, rather than to the pawn shop. As much as he tried to convince himself that this wasn't the case, he knew that he only did it to avoid Jesse for the day. If he went back looking the way he did—disheveled from not sleeping—he was almost certain that Jesse would bring up psychologists again. So, knowing that he wou……

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