Signal Jam

January Garneth General Fiction

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It is dark; I look everywhere but nothing, nothing appears clear in my vision, it is still dark. A total darkness and I began to feel scared. A sudden panic surged inside my chest and I’m breathing so hard and my feet is getting numb to where I’m standing at that very moment, a blinding flash of light is visible; it hurts my eyes. I shut my eyes for a moment and hear a sound of shovel digging in a soft soil. A few men rustling, making sounds and exchanging words I can’t clearly hear. I open my eyes and shock in what I see; my all white dress is now covered with mud. My bare hands is fully smeared of mud too but what terrifies me most is the rustling sounds that I’ve heard are men, three men to be exact, all dressed in all black and using shovels and digging the soft soil. They are dirty and they don’t seem to notice me. My eyes searched for anything until an object caught my attention, a black cloth wrapped around in something enormous in size about 5 feet in length that is tightly tied by ropes; lying a few meters from where the men are digging. I wondered what it is and they bury it. They buried it right in front of me. I wanted to scream but there’s no voice, my throat is dry. I stand up with my wobbly feet and I want to run and get away from there until my back hit someone I turn to face the stranger but then the darkness invades my vision once again. I gasped and catch my breath until I finally look around in the whole place once again. I looked at my hands that are tightly gripping my bed sheets. I looked around once again and realized I’m in my room “It is just all a dream; A bad dream”


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Chapter 11 Graveyard

Gabriel keeps on twitching and moving frantically desperately trying to remove the rope that is tightly tied on him. He then looks at Rinea’s direction as he notice one of Mr. Leo’s men come near her; He breathe deeply; when that man splashed the whole content of bottled water on Rinea’s beautiful face which wakes her up.

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