Genius Empress Cross

Eizabeth Almosara Limas

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Agent#3173 Cross died while hugging the already cold body of the only person she love. The only person who treated her as a normal human being and died protecting her. It should be their last day in the company after that, they will be able to live as an ordinary people. No more missions, no more killings. But then once you enter the Company there's no way out, and death is the only way out. She should have known better. So if they're going to die she will bring the Company with them in hell. When her heart stopped beating Ai's (the state of the art Artificial Intelligence microchip made specially for her by her genius fiancé) self-destruct mode activated locking everyone in the building and destroying everyone with it. And when darkness swept her conciousness away, she woke up with a start only to find herself in a completely different world. A world where the strongest ruled and the weak get killed. What surprise her was an evolve Ai is now residing in her soul.


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Out of the Woods

Dracomica Kingdom Palace

A young man of seventeen to eighteen years old, halted his steps and turn his gaze towards the mountain range that's facing the palace. Anyone who see him could not help but wonder in amazement.

How could a young man can be so exquisitely beautiful. His beauty is incomparably perfect, he……

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