The Dance Eternal

Cygnus Exuon Science Fiction & Fantasy

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In an indeterminate future, the world is on the brink; war is heavy in hearts and minds as global tensions escalate to the tipping point.
Then THEY came; giant "seeds" from the sky, spreading corruption, the like never previously seen... by most.
Johnathan Shandor was an average guy, with a not-so-average past, and a family scattered to the winds. When he moved to Arizona from a war ravaged New York City, he thought he would find some solace.
Not only was he wrong, he was about to embark on a journey no one could have expected.


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ch 22 and 23

Deep in the mining sector of the Dor’ien Conglomerate, near the edge of the sector where mining is dangerous, but the most profitable, Sidron rh’Thet, piloted his mining scow around large asteroids rich in coveted materials. His cargo hold was nearly full from a massive iron deposit he had contracted some work for (iron did not pay mu……

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