Black Water, Black Magic

Erica Striker

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She is a student of white magic. He is a sailor's son framed for a crime he didn't commit. In a perfect world Mercura and Aran's stories would never collide, but then an unfortunate incident entangles their fates forever. Soon they find themselves forced out into the dangerous realms of Dharash, unarmed and unprepared. In order to survive they must rely on their wits, their luck, and something far more wild than either of them could have dreamed: the use of black magic. Can this unlikely pair compete with monstrous adversaries and exonerate themselves in the eyes of society?


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The Road to Old Shoal, Part III

They were so tired and so deep in thought that they hardly realized when night descended on them. Aran had lit a small fire as the chill set in on them and they huddled together. Mercura glanced toward the tiny cave opening and nudged her companion. Blackness. The sun had set.

{I'm scared for them,} Mercura said. She was talking abo……

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