Absolute Control

M. Drewery

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The Digital Age - the age where a man or woman cannot disappear. Every day you are on camera, every day you update your status or tweet your daily progress. Your information is shared, inspected and hacked by more people than you are aware of. Do you feel like an individual anymore? Do you feel like you have privacy, that you are free? Probably not, maybe you feel more like a statistic, a commercial target, a subtly brainwashed drone of government, business and society. But how could you ever escape the CCTV, the Chip-n-Pin, the licenses and forms? You can't, not with technology watching you everywhere you go. But what if you could ignore Technology? One boy have discovered that he can. His brain grants him access to the only computer that really matters, the human mind. No matter how much technology there is, he no longer has to go through it, just the humans who are in control. However there are dangers to his new powers that even he isn't aware of.

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General Reynolds walked into his office in the underground facility, he used a stick to find his way to the desk then sat down his chair, and he still had his sunglasses on.

He sat hunched in his chaired and waited, then the phone rang.

He placed his hand on the desk then moved it across to the phone, which he fumbled with before pla……

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