A New Dawn Coming

Chad Legge

6461 reads

As a hired assassin, Faux Falaran is used to "solving problems". When his latest contract takes a wrong turn, Faux realizes he's become someone else's problem. One they want solved. Forced to flee, he's soon destitute and starving on the road. A chance encounter with a warrior-priest provides an opportunity to change his fortunes. Chasing down a lost religious artifact, they stumble upon an ancient evil. One that is awakening.


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Chapter 11

The watery sun was making its slow descent towards the horizon, already halfway below the tree tops and sinking fast. The shadows were growing longer, dappling the clearing below in a patchwork pattern of light and dark.

Faux crouched behind a towering pine tree on top of the rocky crest sheltering the back portion of the camp. He was havi……

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