Protecting the Bad Boy

Nyssa Weirdo

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Name: Dylan 

Surname: Hyde 

Gender: Female 

Age: Seventeen 

Love life: Sucks balls 

Profession: CIA's agent 

Partner: Eric Everett 

Target: Rhydian Steinfeld 

 Too formal? Well yeah that's my life. Too formal. But do I care? Fuck no. Yeah my job sucks balls, but it is cool too. 

But just one little tiny problem. 

How I'm supposed to do my job when I have to protect an asshole while I really (and I mean it), I really want to kill him? 

Tell me. HOW??? 

And all of those strange and weird and mysterious things about him? 

All of these things are driving me mad. 

And yeah... My name is Dylan and I'm a girl not a boy.

Deal with it!!!


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I stared at the cup of coffee in front of me. I was warming up my hands against it. The cup was hot in fact, but I just ignored it and let that feeling to warm up my hands. I took an other sip from the coffee.

"Why now?" I asked. My voice was low, but I knew he heard me.

I raised my head and looked at h……

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