Cinderella my Ass

Nyssa Weirdo

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"Aren't you scared that you might fall" I asked him.

I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a smile. "No."


"Because in the end I will see your face."


Ryder Quinn was a normal teenager with a simple life. She had a crush on the boy sitting in front of her in the math class and her best friend was a crazy girl that would help her with everything.


One night, someone enters her room... from the window. Of course she freaked out, and was about to scream "RAPIST!" on the top of her lungs, and but then she noticed that the guy was injured.

And like the sweetheart she was she helped him, even though she never saw his face.

From that day on, that guy would appear in her room almost every night, never showing his face, starting a weird friendship with Ryder.


"Owww! This is so romantic. It looks like a version of Cinderella's story." Jasmine said with dreamy eyes with her hands on her heart.

"Cinderella my ass."


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Things You Didn\\\\\\\'t Know

1. Firstly was thought that Aiden and Midnight would be the same person.

2. Jake was created just to make the book more comic. I didn't thought of him till the moment I wrote the chapter. He came out of the blue. Now he did more than making the book comic and now I'm depressed because I'm in love with him and he isn't real.……

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