Apocalyptica: Vector's Edge

kudakwashe chikosi Fantasy

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500 years ago the world received Enigmus. An energy that killed half the human race and gave the survivors unique abilities and changed the whole planet. Half of the survivors saught refuge underground and made a life for themselves there. Juan Kim Louw, a young mercenary decides to ascend and see what the upper world is like. Instead of seeing the deserted and abandoned wastelands he had been told as a child were there, he saw a flourishing and technologically advanced society. With his own gifts, Juan decides live in the upper world, but ghosts from the hell below follow him...and bring chaos with them


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Chapter 22- Poor, Poor Petr...

Juan could really care less about what she had tried to do. In his eyes she was just Sheri’s friend and that was it. As for being priced from the Louw, that would be impossible.

The battle was getting intense every minute and Petr was growing weary. He had almost exhausted his energy. He had trie……

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