Did That...Really Just Happen?

Red Hot Love M.C. Eschelon 352 words 2017-11-22 19:01:51



Author's notification:

Trying to make up for being late yesterday.  From now on, I guess, we can start inserting the subplot.   *whooshy hand motions* Suspeeeeense~  Also, PSA for everyone.  My girls, boys, people who don't conform to the gender binary.  If you see someone and you think they might need a hand, GO OVER AND HELP.  There is NOBODY except YOU who is responsible.  We gotta have each other's backs.   If you're in a bad situation...DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MAKING A SCENE OR BEING "A BITCH."  Scream, fight dirty, claw, yell, grab attention, do what you need to.   Your survival is most important to me, whatever means you had to do in self-defense.    I hope everyone stays safe and has a good day.  

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