The Nerd is the Mafia's Pretending Wife

Lilac Celestia

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Elaine Cherry Natividad took up education when her life changed because of the debt her parents have to the Montemayors. To be able to pay the debt, she needs to agree to Louis Montemayor's condition.

And that is to sign the contract as proof that they are married and that they need to act in front of everyone so he could receive his inheritance.

What if one day, she stayed by Louis' side not because of the contract?

What will happen to them both if Louis was only using her against his enemies?

Will she still choose to stay by his side even though Louis doesn't have any feelings for her? Or she will leave because of the pain he made her feel?


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14 - Sacrifice

Third Person's Point of View

“Oh, I see... Don't tell me you have a new girlfriend again? Tss, you're too fast. We haven't killed Mariella in front of you yet, but don't worry, I'll make sure you see your new one die! ” he roared as his voice echoed all over the place.  About five people were lying on the floor due to gunshot……

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