The Commoner


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Arya Edwards is a 19 year old ordinary girl. All she wants in life is become a successful registered nurse, to have her own house in the middle of the forest near a cliff or river. though it's weird for others to think but for her, she just want to be away from the crowd.
On the other hand, Lucas Jake Ballengir is a responsible son of Kiara and Jackson Ballinger. An Alpha and loved by his people.

What will happened if Lucas Jake and Arya crossed path? Is Arya means to be a Luna?


Tags: possessivefatedmatedominantindependentinspirationaldramamysterysmall townfirst love
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Chapter 17: Roadtrip

We sat on the top of the jeep, sharing stories. Luke is so gentle and sweet. I dont know if all the boys out there is just like him coz as I said I've never dated before, never been around men except for my father and uncles. Well, maybe it's not that bad if im gonna give it a try to date or hang out with him.

"This is so beautiful here." ……

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