Coming Back Home


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The night she comes back from her best friend's apartment after finding out her boyfriend is married, she meets a huge man sleeping on the snow in her backyard. 23-year old Charlie Jordan doesn't know what to do.

After so many calls and studying, she finds out the man—Blurin Jameson— is an ex-militant whose address got mixed up on deployment day.

It takes Charlie 419 Days to realize how her heart beats faster when ever they're near or when his eyes lights up...

Or how she completes his amount of ribs.


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Chapter 13: A surprise visit



A surprised voice bellows from the side of the half-covered counter. Theresa Boston, Charlie's supposed assistant, laughs loudly before walking out and pulling her into a hug.

"Theresa, how are you?" Charlie smiles widely.

Charlie begins walking as Theresa con……

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