Beyond Her Kiss


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Book 1-COMPLETED (Rated +18)

Sheila Marie was never a lust-at-first-sight kind of girl. Yet, there were some primitive urges and needs that wanted her to acknowledge it. But how could she resist the most ancient vampyre on the land?

She knew what she wanted was the opposite, a chance to regain her peace and to have enough space to focus on what matters.

Nonetheless, a moth-like her couldn't stay away from fire, even if it burns.

Finally, she felt the pain burning her inside out. It shattered her mind and her very soul. Even though she wasn't bitten by anyone, yet she had the most mysterious bloodline even the ancients couldn't understand.

Now the darkness was on her trail, fighting for her blood. And with the help of the most arrogant vampyre on the land, could she survive the great war of the past? And resist his charm?


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Chapter 66- End of Book 1

Not so elegant muffling noises were heard and echoed throughout the cazir castle garden. The disgusting stale and acidic odor of puke added to the already disgusting smell that lingered in the grassy ground as they all began to puke all over again and followed by swearing and never ending profanities.

 "Arrrggh!" Ruel breathe hard and……

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