Princess Juliet

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Meet Candace Noah a poor Jovial girl whose dream is becoming a singer
She sings and dances the railway station to make people happy but all this changed when she was opportune to get into Delgado music school, a school were upcoming celebrities are trained...
Meet Chase Delgado the second son of the Delgados and the younger half-brother of the Popular celebrity Nick.
he is a talented singer who is a brain to his brother success but lives in his shadow but all this changed when Chase decided to follow his dreams of becoming a singer..

Will Candace follow up her dreams of being a celebrity?
What will happen when she get stuck between brothers?
Find out what happen by reading this mind blowing story
Dreams ( becoming a celebrity)


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The End of Andy

                         Chase Delgado



With a heavy heart, I ran all the way to the parking lot

       I opened the car door and got into the car,bringing out my phone from my pocket, I dialled Nick number.

        he picked it on the second ring

    hi Chase! how are you ....he tried to say but I cut hi……

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