My abused, spoiled mate

princess jody

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Ashlyn porters life took a drastic turn at the age of ten when she lost her mother to rogues. Her mother was the Luna of the 'moon stone pack'and her father the alpha. it was protected with a strong will and determination to keep everyone safe. It was a sudden and unexpected attack that led to the lost of many lives and Ashlyn stood helplessly watching as her family fought to protected the people they love the most.
Ashlyn's life is about to take a huge turn will she be able to escape? Or will she remain a prisoner for the rest of her life?

Today is my eighteenth birthday and the day my father was going to turn the crown over to me. I was the next alpha king of the dark moon pack and i couldn't be happier. My father is a ruthless man, who killed everyone who entered unto his land without permission so I wanted to change that. I needed everyone to fear me yes, so I was going to have to show them that I was in charge but I was going to be lenient as well. I didn't want to follow in my father's footsteps but being the king and alpha together comes with great responsibilities and I knew that there was going to be a lot of work ahead. I wanted my mate by my side, my queen. Someone I could love and spoil with all of my heart.

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My abused, spoiled mate.


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Chapter6. Lucas

It was almost night time by the time I arrived at the moon stone pack. I was a bit tired but I had matters to take care of. My driver Alex and beta Noah took my bags to my room that the alpha assigned for me. It was spacious and fit for a king. Alex and Noah will be staying at rooms opposite mines for the time being. I wasn't planning to stay he……

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