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So many years ago half the number of people on Earth were lost in a cold war, after the war Seven Kings rose, they divided the world into seven kingdoms, each ruled by one of this kings and assisted by his ministers.

Every ten years a festival of blood was celebrated in honour of the seven kings. People of a particular profession would entertain the kings, if they failed they were beheaded.

In the year 2370, a group of scientists, under the influence of the so called spiritual heads, created something we now called 'death virus' using an old Hiatian zombification method to turn people into dead-like creatures. They were going to use this people as a sort of sport, like throwing a person into a lion's den for them to be fed on. Injecting seven prisoners with the virus.

However, things went wrong and all seven of the infected prisoners escaped including a few people who had either been scratched or bitten in the process.

At first everything was normal.
On the first day their family threw big feast in celebration of their return from prison, they ate and drank and caught up on things they had missed.

On the second day, they began to forget the names of their loved ones, including their own names.

On the third day, they tore, scratched and bite others

Thus giving birth the Zombie apocalypse. Some people built small underground bunkers, some of us, including myself, didn't even have the chance.

Surprisingly, I woke up in my bed back in time to the year 2370, the first day of that year.
With a second chance given me I decided to do something to save our world before but I couldn't do it alone I needed the help of a few runners


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